9/22: Green Hydrogen Part of Infinium's Big Plans

News and Highlights

  • Infinium announced yesterday an agreement with Amazon to supply low-carbon fuels produced with renewable hydrogen at Infinium’s Texas facility.

Renewable Hydrogen a Key Component of Infinium’s Strategy

Infinium made headlines yesterday by signing a deal with Amazon, also an Infinium investor, to supply its clean burning “electrofuel” to Amazon’s middle mile truck fleet. What is “electrofuel” might you ask? Well, from what we read on Infinium’s website, the company’s electrofuel is a drop-in replacement for conventional fossil fuels used in the transportation fleet. As shown in the company’s schematic below, fuels can be produced in the Infinium process by combining carbon dioxide, captured from industrial sources, with hydrogen, produced from water and renewable electricity. Sounds great, and also expensive.

Details around Infinium’s green hydrogen process are not clear, to us at least. Documentation suggests the company’s first production facility will be located here in Texas, and Infinium does have an agreement with Denbury for CO2 supply, but we have yet to find any data on an electrolyzer installation.